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Private Blood Tests

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tests

Please visit our COVID-19 service and tests page for further information on the validated COVID-19 antibody and PCR tests.

What private blood tests are available?

We can conduct a wide range of private blood tests in our private vaccination clinic at Woodhouse Medical Practice, Leeds. We also provide home-testing kits for a variety of diseases including sexual health, hepatitis B, etc. These may include the following:-

We have listed below some of the blood tests available.

N.B. The list is not exhaustive and we are happy to advise you on a number of other blood tests available.

Do I need a GP referral to use this service?

No. Patients are able to self-refer to this service. However, we do require your GP contact details so they are provided with a copy of the test results, and further testing or treatments can be arranged. If you don’t want your GP knowing your test results, please speak to our healthcare professional about this.

Home blood test-kits vs clinic testing

We provide private blood tests as home-testing kits or you can attend our clinic based in Leeds. We use accredited laboratories for all tests. There is a wider range of blood tests available within the clinic setting. However, if you prefer the convenience and privacy of having the test within your home, then a self-collection test kit may be more suitable. If the test is not listed below, you can email our clinic with your request at: info@sfvaccinations.co.uk